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Is Sheffield trying to force Rotherham to increase it's housing targets? With an estimated 80,000 population increase Sheffield is looking to other areas to help out.




Some interesting reading, please remember that RMBC say the proposed houses have nothing to do with migration from Sheffield. (click on logo to view)


Council Release LDF Feedback

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Ding Ding Round Three

As a New Year dawns we have the prospect of yet another round of consultation to look forward to. Could the Council not have covered everything with one consultation, instead they have spent tens of thousands of pounds of tax payers money to acheive a result that they knew before they even started. At the last count some 88% of people who expressed an opinion said 'No' to building on green belt. Surely a simple questionaire sent to residents in proposed areas would have been far more efficient.

The Great British Property Scandal

During December 2011 Channel 4 hosted a series of programs under the title 'The Great British Property Scandal' highlighting the fact we have over 600,000 empty houses in the UK. You can view these programs on catchup or click the link below.

Property Scandal




We welcome the new group formed In Dinnington/ Anston and would like to wish them every success in their fight.


The Rotherham Action Group are members of the local community who are strongly against plans to build on Green Belt land throughout the borough. The Action group was formed in May 2009 and we now have a Commitee and meet on a regular basis.
In our local area of Greasbrough/Rawmarsh the Council were planning to build 3600 new homes but as the RSS (Regional Spatial Strategy)has been scrapped has now been reduced to 2600 on Green Belt land, its called the Bassingthorpe Farm Development, the size of about 500 football pitches!!
This is also happening in many other Rotherham area's Anston,Bramley,Dinnington,Ravenfield, Wickersley to name but a few.

If you use the link below you can see the whole of Rotherham laid out , find out if they are planning to build near you...use the + & - to enlarge & the hand icon to move the map around.

It is awkward at first but stick with it.
Planning Map



The population in Rotherham has been stagnant for many years, the last set of figures we have are from the Councils own state of the borough report for 2006/2007 which states 7,000 people moved into the borough and 7,500 moved out. Taking into account births and deaths the population grew by 100 people. Some of the predicted population increase is due partly to Sheffield's overspill, to add more insult Sheffield won't build on green belt and has in the past even paid Rotherham money through central government to build extra houses . The housing figure for Rotherham was significantly higher two years ago as figures were based on the Regional Spatial Strategy the RSS is now being fazed out. But Sheffield, Barnsley & Doncaster are keeping the same figures from two years ago. Only Rotherham has reduced the number of houses it plans to build. The figures behind the RSS come from the Office Of National Statistics or ONS who historically are only around 5% out with predictions, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds See F.O.I





As residents of the area we feel a developement of this scale would kill our community, creating urban sprawl a loss of identity and untold pressure on the areas infrastructure. Not to mention the loss of valuble farming land, and wildlife. The damage to the environment would be huge and totally irreversable. We simply cannot stand by and let everthing be destroyed by those at town hall towers.